Articles must be in season/on trend and in new or gently-used condition


  • 45% goes to the consignor on clothing and shoes

Purses & Accessories:

  • Pieces priced up to $999, 50% will be received by the consignor
  • Between $1000-$1499, 55%  will be received by the consignor
  • Between $1500-$2999, 60% will be received by the consignor
  • Between $3000-$5999, 65% will be received  by the consignor


  • A minimum of 65% no matter what the item 
  • If the item(s) is in pristine condition, including its full set (box, dust bag, receipt), the consignor will receive 70%
  • Speciality items (i.e. Birkin): alternative $ amounts/splits may be provided upon discussion


  • For Designer Handbags, the price will stay firm for the duration of 2 months. Starting from the 3rd month, it will be discounted starting at 10-30% Off.
  • Seasonal consignment period 90 days: This breakdown excludes high-end handbags & accessories 
  • Items may discount over time by the breakdown below: 
    • 1st month: Firm – 15% Off 
    • 2nd month: 20% - 35% Off 
    • 3rd month: 50-75% Off 
  • Your item may be included in a store-wide sale sooner than the above stated period (i.e. Black Friday/Boxing Day)
  • We are not responsible for any items left with us after 6 months. Donations may occur after the 90-day period (This excludes luxury handbags & accessories). 
  • Account updates can be requested by phone, email, in person or via Instagram DM.
  • Our sales floor is rotated regularly, and items are displayed at our discretion. Due to the high number of products in-store, we cannot guarantee items will be featured on our website or social media platforms.

It is the consignors’ responsibility to check in on their account/items with us within their 90-day consignment period. Please check in with us to see if an item has sold or is still available. 

Cheques & Payment Info:

  • Cheques are issued ONLY on the 1st of every month by request – available for pick up at either of our locations or mailed with an additional postage fee of $2.50 
  • Amounts owing under $30 can be picked up in cash at the store; anything above must be requested as a cheque
  • Money owing on accounts EXPIRE ONE YEAR after the sale date of the item & cannot be collected thereafter 

NOTE: At any given time within the 90-day period, the consignor can request for their items to be collected and returned back to them (if still available). Return requests must be made before or by the third month your items are on consignment (This excludes high-end handbags & Jewellery). Items that have been collected for returns will be followed up by a phone call/email, after which Second Nature will not be responsible after 7 days, unless discussed otherwise.

**At Bayview Village, we kindly ask all clients to bring their own bags when picking up their items.

There is no certainty that all items submitted for consignment are definitive; the ultimate determination resides with the discretion of management and their final review.

Second Nature has the right to apply an “administration fee” to all items consigned with us. This fee does not affect the agreed upon price points and splits confirmed by email after drop off, and does not get applied to the consignor’s payout. 


*We are not responsible for damaged goods (Exceptions may apply); Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

*Gift certificates expire after 2 years time 
We work hard with our social media team to get some of your items exposed, however, we can not guarantee all of your items will be selected.
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Account Inquiries

Phone: (416) 481-4924

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