Toronto Summer Trends

Summer Trends 2022: We’re Out, Now What?

By Denisa Marginean

Weddings, convocations, drinks on a patio or simply going out for a walk: summer of 2022 is filled with a multitude of events; many of which we haven’t prepared for in many (many, many, many) months. If you are finding yourself in front of your closet unable to find something to wear and asking: what are people even wearing nowadays? Don’t worry, we got you! We’ve highlighted 4 trends that got us excited about fashion again and here they are: 

  1. Reflections

Let’s start with reflective materials that can dazzle every room you enter. Sequins, rhinestones, lamé, PVC, satin, and metallic spandex: all these textiles and applications are guaranteed to leave you smiling and feeling sunny (literally, in some cases). This cool trend rose in the past few years, which got us feeling either nostalgic or excited over the 1980s. While our stock is certainly always changing, Second Nature offers many options to leave you shining. 

D.Exterior - Size XS  Chanel - Size 39

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2. Bright Colours

After months (and years) of being inside and wearing neutral colours, many have opted and gravitated towards the bright and the bold. These options include cobalt blue, bright red, hot pink, saturated oranges and greens. The philosophy here is simple: the bolder the colour, the happier a person becomes and guess what? We have lots of options to leave you smiling. 

Christian Louboutin - Size 37  Dolce & Gabbana

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3. Height

After wearing flats for too long and formal events taking place in-person again, a lot of people are choosing platform shoes for an added sense of comfort and height. But let’s not be scared. Height doesn’t just mean heels, it can also mean wearing miniskirts to show off your legs to visually increase your sense of height or even the opposite, wearing a long summer dress to expand your silhouette. No matter which option speaks to you, height is where it’s all about!

 Jimmy Choo - Size 38  Fendi Jeans - Size like an S

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People have always loved silk. It’s’s luxurious and the perfect fabric to wear during a warm summer evening without feeling like you’re suffocating. But, silk hasn't always been affordable, especially when opting for a non-blend. However, Second Nature has items that are 100% silk without forcing you to spend half of your savings. Silk, especially silk scarves, have gained popularity in the last few years and many brands are offering more design and colour options. They can be worn on your head, neck, bag and even turned into tops, skirts and bags. 

Hermes  Chanel - Size 37

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So, there you have it: 4 trends of the summer 2022. We also need to mention that throughout the many emerging fashion styles of the year, joy is certainly the linking factor. Either that comes by wearing a forgotten pair of comfortable shoes or finding a unique piece that makes you feel special, dressing for joy’s sake is what this summer is certainly promising and with Second Nature you certainly can find it.