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Chanel 1993

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Chanel 1993 Vintage Clip-on Gold Clover Earrings 

  • Manufactured in 1993 
  • The Chanel "Clover Motif" Earrings 
  • Textured clover shape, with continuous interlocking signature CC all over clover design
  • Clip-on design, come as a pair 
  • Comes with original box 
  • Back stamp Reads: Chanel, 93 A, Made in France ("A" stands for their Fall collection) 
  • Condition: In excellent vintage condition! 

Wearing a vintage item such as these Chanel earrings, allows you to bring new stories to an item full of past secrets. What's luckier than a four leaf clover? A Chanel four leaf clover! Make a statement, and feel good doing it, when you can carry luck just above your shoulder throughout the day. Since the CC on these earrings are done in a more subtle way, you can pair these with any designer you feel suiting. Mix all your favourite french pieces into one outfit, complete with these earrings, and everyone will be wondering why you aren't holding a fresh croissant. 

Purchasing a vintage item allows you to be unique, knowing the item you're wearing will unlikely be the star of the show on anyone else. Investing in Chanel specifically, almost always guarantees that it will either retain or go up in value. Promising you a great investment, and a quality piece that lasts.